Watch Princess Nokia Throw Soup at Racist Guy on the Train

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Princess Nokia. Image Source.

A drunk white guy went on a racist tirade on the New York subway this week which, in Trump’s America and the year 2017, was probably not the greatest idea. A viral video captured by a passenger shows the man screaming out racist slurs, telling the whole carriage that he’s got an law degree from NYU, and demanding his first amendment rights. “That’s my property” he yells as other passengers forcibly remove him from the train. At which point, a woman rushes forward and screams “get the fuck out!” before throwing a container of soup at him. That woman was rapper Princess Nokia, aka Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, aka your new personal hero.

Frasqueri has detailed the events leading up to the soup throw on Twitter, writing: “I witness blatant racism in public constantly, and it is heartbreaking to witness such hatred and bigotry go undefended. I take a lot of risks trying to stand up to racists and bigots. Putting yourself in potential danger is scary AF, especially as a young woman.”

Someone order this woman a lifetime supply of soup!

Princess Nokia on repeat:

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