Watch the 200 Hour Process Behind a Dior Couture Dress

News. Posted 3 years ago


Haute couture, an industry that was invented during Marie Antoinette’s court, is arguably becoming increasingly irrelevant in our monarch-less, financially contracting times.

Then again, in this age of poorly manufactured, throwaway fashion, perhaps it’s important to be reminded that clothing is – or at least was – a craft, and that some clothing is made to be kept forever.

Enter this behind-the-scenes video depicting the making of the garments for Dior’s winter 2015 couture show. From hand-dip-dying fabrics, to having said fabric permanent press pleated by permanent press pleat specialists, to constructing the top layer of one skirt from nine separate permanent press pleat pieces, the process is excruciating, but the final results are, incontrovertibly, breathtaking.

Published on 31st January, 2015 by Courtney Sanders


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