Watch the New Trailer for the Last Season of Girls, Catch More Iconic Quotes

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Image: Marni and Hannah in the final season of Girls. Image Source.

Girls has been a love/hate relationship for us, as has Lena Dunham. But we do try and double check ourselves whenever we’re too critical, lest we forget how incredibly crucial a show it was when the first season aired in 2012. We’d never seen our reality reflected back to us quite like that: the bodies, the crises, the friendships. Suddenly, in Dunham, it felt like we had an accurate, unafraid spokesperson.

As the years have gone on, and Girls led the television charge started by Sex and the City, there have been ups and downs – after all, we’re all prone to tearing down women once they’ve been built up – but Dunham also has, in her outspokenness, a dangerous tendency to forget to check her privilege. She’s no longer the only ‘celebrity’ voice of reason.

All that being said, we’ll be watching the last season of Girls. We’re indebted to it, in a way. Required to see out the last chapter like you would with an old flame, to sound like my Ma for a moment. We’ve had a teaser, but this gives us a much deeper glimpse into where the ladies still aren’t at yet, with a couple of one liner doozies from Dunham to boot:

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