Watch the Trailer for This Creepy New Netflix Doc, it’s About to Be All You’re Watching

News. Posted 12 months ago

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Image: Sister Cathy photographed at the school where she taught. Image Source. 

You know how, despite the vast amount of great, small screen TV out there, we’re always running out of things to watch? Well, Netflix has just dropped the trailer for its latest true crime style documentary, The Keepers. Following the unprecedented success of Making a Murderer, Netflix are highlighting the untold story of Baltimore nun and school teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnik.

In 1970, Sister Cathy’s body was found after she had been missing for months. Fifty years later, her murder remains unsolved and swathed in mystery. Alumnae of the school at which Cesnik taught – Archbishop Keough High School – joined forces to uncover what really happened to their teacher, believing she might have been killed because she had threatened to expose a prostitution ring led by the school’s chaplain, supported by claims from former students that they had been raped by him.

The seven-part series will look into the possibility of a conspiracy surrounding Cesnik’s death, the trailer so far points at the involvement of corrupt religious and city officials, as well as police. Anyone who is familiar with the very true story behind the movie Spotlight – the five journalists who, in 2002, revealed the grotesque network of abuse within the Boston Roman Catholic Archdiocese in the Boston Globe newspaper – will feel a chill run down their spine at the details of the unofficial Cesnik investigation.

The series will arrive on Netflix on May 19 – so you best mark out your entire weekend as ‘busy’ in advance.

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