Women Disappear from NYC Billboards in This Clever Campaign on IWD

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Beautiful women on advertising billboards and magazine covers are so commonplace that we don’t really notice them – they’re unobtrusive wallpaper in our daily lives. However, because they’re so commonplace, when someone removes these women from advertising billboards and magazines across one city all at once, we’re likely to stand up and pay attention.

Enter the the Clinton Foundation, who, in collaboration with advertising agency Droga5, had women removed from billboards and magazine covers across New York City, to draw attention to a report by their No Ceilings project, about gender inequality. All these women disappeared on International Women’s Day, yesterday, March 8th.

“This is about putting a really important issue in front of people,” said Katie Dowd, director of digital strategy at the Clinton Foundation. “We’re really trying to create a moment that feels meaningful.”

So, Karlie Kloss has disappeared from a Kate Spade advertisement, Scarlet Johansson is gone from the cover of the latest issue of W magazine, and Serena Williams is nowhere to be found on the Beats billboard she formerly occupied in Times Square. iHeartRadio also removed female voices from 186 of its nationwide radio stations. Unilever, who own Dove and Tresemmé, also gave the Clinton Foundation permission to replace their standard billboards with modified ones.

This video, from the No Ceilings website, details the project, via voices by the likes of Amy Poehler and Jenny Slate:

Some of the statistics from the No Ceilings report are harrowing, including the facts that 1 in 4 women are married before their 18th birthday, 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted, four million women die from unsafe cooking conditions every year, and nine countries worldwide don’t provide paid maternity leave. Read all of the statistics over here.

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